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Be spontaneous, happy and discover the inner child in you! Playful designs symbolize a zest for life and a fresh, lively style. But even with playful pieces of jewelry that can be layered well, you have to pay attention to the right amount. Live the day in all its beauty, with delicate forms, symbolic and is often based on hobbies or experiences as well as personal attitudes. Show the world that you are happy!
Playful designs are suitable for lively, cheerful occasions, for example when you're out with friends in the summer, celebrating or discovering something new. Jewelry designs are always an attitude towards life in which one turns one's innermost inside out. In the case of the playful designs, these are joie de vivre, optimism and enjoyment!
My advice:
Stand by your hobbies and show your positive and joyful attitude to life with many detailed and playful pieces of jewelry!

VINTAGE Vintage here does not mean from the past

but also a changeable style that bridges the gap between the old and the modern. Of course, vintage pieces of jewelry can be polished up or professionally repaired and then worn again. If you don't have the right materials, the right style in your vintage collection or the jewelry is in very bad condition, you can also use the Ossa Sepia technique: this technique has been known since ancient times. The old jewelry can be melted here and then poured into the back shell of an octopus, which can be found in large quantities on the beach. I have acquired the Ossa Sepia process and was able to create wonderful unique pieces from valuable, but broken or worn pieces of jewelry, which rekindle the magic of the old. But other materials such as gold can also be melted and shaped into a new, personal piece of jewelry. Vintage does not always have to mean an old style but can also express itself in completely new pieces of jewelry that are made in a unique way.

VERLOBT It's going to be exciting:

As a couple, you plan to say yes. As a rule, the man surprises the woman with an engagement ring that he has chosen himself to propose to her. The kneeling is one of the most romantic and surprising gestures with which you can confess your love to your partner. In the meantime, however, it is no longer so rigid, and some couples, for example, go to the jeweler together and choose engagement rings together. The engagement ring can also be worn as a wedding ring, for example it can be engraved and given a message such as the marriage date and the name of the partner. There is a tradition, which is particularly common in the USA, that the engagement ring should be about as expensive as two months' salary for a man. But today it is a matter of taste and there is no clear budget template. Most women are happy about a classic whitegold ring, but rose gold, yellow gold or silver are also common. Of course, rings with a diamond, which is typically between 0.3 and 1.5 ct. is great.

My advice:
-If you want to buy an engagement ring and make a classic proposal, be sure to follow the recommendations of your partner's mother or sister - they will be best able to assess things like the ring size and preferences in terms of material and color.