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Make a Little Present for Someone you Realy Love

Be my Valentine


New Year Present 100CHF

There is no better way of expressing love than to embody it forever in a piece of jewelry. We understand that our jewelry pieces mean so much to our customers and their loved ones. That is why we always fulfill the expectations that you have from our fine jewelry.

Engagemant and wedding

Lesunja 3D Ringbuilders make your choice easy

Lesunja’s engagement and wedding ring collection is perfection epitomized. It won’t be an exaggeration to call the collection heavenly.

magic of nature

St. Moritz

Discover the new Shop at Plazza da Scoula 10 7500 St. Moritz


Jewellery that comes from the heart

Blue Gemstones

Tanzanite, lapis lazuli and sapphire are among the most well-known blue minerals.

Featured Collections

Lesunja’s collections are built on a philosophy of pure connection. The connection between the craftsperson and the jewellery. We believe in creating art that connects the artist with their jewellery and reflects their vision. Our jewellery is made for those who value immaculate originality and enjoy a personal connection with their accessories. It’s for people who value connection; with the people in their life and the world around them.

Lesunja Gemstones

DiscoverLesunja's World of breathtaking gem

What our customers say

The experience was amazing, everyone was so extremely sweet. I showed my ring to everyone, it's made out of love and amazing material.

Elizabeth K.

Bought my first Gold pendant jehh I am so happy. I have never been in a Jewellery shop before and so I asced some funny questions. But the Lesunja team let me fee like I had my own personal shopper. Couldn’t be more pleased. Fantastic quality, personal touch and what fun! Thank you

Kristine F.

This a work of art. So gorgeous, so functional and so well made. This company is amazing and they were so amazing in terms of communicating prior to me getting my customade Ring. Absolutely LOVE IT and them!!

Sarah M.

The World of Lesunja

Lesunja stands for jewelry that’s more than what meets the eye. Through brilliance in our art and technique, we create jewelry that tells a story. A story of those that build and wear it. 

The inspiration behind our work comes from a deep attention to your aesthetic requirements and understanding what our pieces mean for you. They represent celebrations, covenants, and memories - things that can only be captured by timeless masterpieces. 

Lesunja also takes responsibility of the world around us. Our jewelry is created through Fair Trade and recycled gold to minimize our footprint on earth. We understand that sustainability is as essential as our craftsmanship. 

Custom Design

Our one-of-a-kind design experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced jewelry can't.

Best Swiss Quality

Quality is the art of permanently meeting customer requirements with the most efficient use of know-how and the best materials and exceeding them through continuous improvement.

Affordable Price

Lesunja`s price performance is based on the motto you can create something nice for everyones budget