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New York Paris Milano

Lesunja participates every year with her
timeless masterpieces and new collections in the New York and Paris Fashion
Weeks. Both fashion weeks are renowned for their excellence in the selection of
only the most premium collections. Follow Lesunja to keep updated about her
latest collections being premiered at the fashion weeks

Find Out Now

Preserving the charm of the
talisman and fusing it with immaculate design, Lesunja’s contemporary mojo
collection is for the bold.

Breath Taking

Lesunja’s Magnifique
collection is made of the finest jewellery pieces you will find in the Swiss
market. Browse a broad range of magnificent pieces that are guaranteed to take
your breath away

It's written in the Stars

Designed by
paying attention to stars’ positions, our zodiac collection is made for those
who feel strongly about their zodiac signs and want to own the same energy.
From Aries’s strength, Taurus’s devotion, Gemini’s affection, and Cancer’s
loyalty to Leo’s passion and Capricorn’s discipline, you will feel your zodiac
sign reflected in our collection.