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Lisa Lesunja has dedicated her life to jewelry. For over 15 years, she designs and

handcrafts precious pieces of the highest quality in her jewelry shops in Zurich,

St. Moritz, and New York. When she is in her studio, she creates elaborate

masterpieces with lots of love and attention to detail.

Thanks to her experience with precious materials and her passion for glamorous

designs, she develops two collections each year. Her collections have premiered at the

New York and Paris Fashion Weeks several times already.

Swiss Design

New York and Paris Fashion Weeks several times already.

Lesunja devotedly handcrafts precious materials into jewelry of the highest quality

with unmatched skill. The legacy of her art lives on in each piece of jewelry she makes.

Preserving the Swiss heritage of artisanry is close to her heart and she aims to maintain

the soul of Swiss artisanship with premium quality standards as well as reinterpreting

classical designs for this day and age.

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