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Lesunja Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Necklace

SFr. 3,000.00

Necklace made from Tahitian and South Sea Pearl, knotted with white silk and a 18K/ 750 White gold closure

Length: 42cm, 8.5mmø


"Harmony of Oceans: The Intertwined Dance of Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Necklace"

Within the walls of the artisan atelier at Lesunja Fine Jewellery, an extraordinary creation awaits, a testament to the fusion of nature's marvels and human artistry—the Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Necklace. This masterpiece is an enchanting symphony, gracefully intertwining the treasures of two distinct oceans.

In this opulent necklace, Tahitian and South Sea pearls alternate in a mesmerizing sequence, akin to the ebb and flow of the tides. The Tahitian pearls, endowed with their captivating dark hues—exquisite shades of midnight, peacock, and aubergine—meet their counterparts, the luminescent and opulent South Sea pearls, with their radiant and lustrous white, silver, and golden tones. Each pearl, a unique marvel, embodies the essence of its respective ocean, an ambassador of nature's bounties.

The skilled artisans at Lesunja Fine Jewellery meticulously arranged this dance of pearls, where a Tahitian pearl is followed by a South Sea pearl, creating a symphony of contrasting yet complementary beauty. These luminous orbs, meticulously handpicked for their individual charm and radiance, celebrate the unity of two distinct oceanic worlds, painting a portrait of elegance and refinement.

The delicate connection between each pearl is woven with the finest white silk, creating a thread that not only unites these treasures but also serves as a testament to the tender touch of human craftsmanship. This seamless union of pearls and silk offers a wearable embrace of luxury and comfort.

The closure, an insignia of elegance and sophistication, crafted in 18K white gold, secures this necklace in a seamless and refined manner. Its sleek design and polished finish harmonize effortlessly with the pearls, underscoring the union of natural splendor and human ingenuity.

Adorning oneself with the Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Necklace is more than an act of adorning; it is a narrative of unity, an ode to the boundless beauty found within the ocean's depths. It becomes an expression of grace, individuality, and the shared allure of two distinct yet harmonious realms.

This necklace from Lesunja Fine Jewellery embodies the culmination of two oceanic worlds, a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry that transcends boundaries, creating a wearable masterpiece that sings the harmonious ballad of the ocean's treasures.

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Lesunja Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Necklace

SFr. 3,000.00