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Engagemant Ring

Lesunja has created a personal ring builder for you, design your personal engagement ring from the comfort of your own home and use the try on tool to see the size on your finger. You can freely choose and put together your design and diamonds. Because every love is unique and deserves a unique engagement ring.

Our pieces of jewelry are characterized by professionalism and experience as well as a high degree of creativity.

Timeless, Modern, Sustainable

Lesunja Wedding Rings are handmade for you with Fairetrade and recycled gold so choose Your design and and Gold colour and we will craft your Personal Ring.

With the engagement and wedding rings from our lesunja manufactory, you will receive a certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the precious metals and gemstones.

Wedding Ring Workshop Do it Yourself

No piece of jewelery in the world connects two hearts more closely than a wedding ring. And none has a higher personal value. It is understandable that many couples would like to forge their wedding rings themselves. If you place great value on individuality – and on a touch more exclusivity. Then book a course on making your own wedding rings and get a taste of the workshop air in the Lesunja goldsmiths. With professional know-how and individual support, they forge your very own wedding ring.

Weddingplaner Service

So that you can look forward to your wedding without worrying and looking forward to it, we offer you everything from one source, from event planning, location search and wedding rings to photography, and take care of a premium overall package with a lot of love.

Book an appointmant

Tak th chance to book an free appointmant at Lesunja to plan your wedding and your weddingrings