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When individual elements form a unit team building by LESUNJA We forge team spirit

Your company event at LESUNJA The profitable break from everyday office life Are you looking for a unique team event where you can grow together? Then we will call your company the joint jewelery workshop Warm welcome! Strengthen your team spirit with sensitivity Discover Fine Jewelery up close as a team.


Together you will design and forge individual jewelery under our guidance, listen to interesting specialist lectures and learn about rare gemstones, unique diamonds and innovative Swiss design, among other things. The relaxed, informal atmosphere, paired with a delicious flying dinner or an apere riche, leads to a priceless, relaxed togetherness, in which colleagues can get to know and appreciate each other from a different side outside of their usual working environment. Immerse yourself in the art of blacksmithing, learn new tricks and skills, promote creativity and communication and experience a unique evening full of fun working together.

Handicraft connects - whether young, old, novice blacksmith, or old hand. Create extraordinary memories together! Everything at a glance Group size: 10-50 participants Duration of the event: 3-4 hours Places: Zurich  Experience fine jewelery with a personally tailored team event: Design and forge jewelery together Interesting specialist lectures Workshop with Flying Dinner, or Apere Riche photo service
Jewelery workshop as an effective team building measure improve communication There is usually a lot of exchange during work. So it is important to learn not to communicate anymore, but to be more goal-oriented.


At the jewelery workshop, a clear, common goal is set in a relaxed atmosphere, with the team constantly exchanging information. increase motivation Motivation arises in the group.

Unfortunately, team spirit often falls by the wayside and with it the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency. At the workshop, the group can design together, look for solutions and make compromises. In addition, everyone discovers their skills in the craft and can thus support their team in different ways. strengthen cohesion Here, the actual job becomes secondary.

Sitting together in a relaxed atmosphere, with an apere riche or flying dinner, the participants can get to know each other better and discover new sides of each other. Strengths, weaknesses and individual needs are recognized and mutual understanding is strengthened. increase efficiency As in the job, the clear assignment of tasks in the workshop leads to a quick and optimal result.

Creative solutions and ideas are exchanged in the team, problems are discussed and finally a beautiful end product is produced with which everyone is satisfied. intensify trust "Together we can achieve anything" - And it's the same at work. Togetherness and trust are the decisive factors for a successful and pleasant working day.

Our jewelry workshop offers the right environment for nice conversations, participants are actively involved and the team goal is defined together beforehand. Lesunja could only grow as a team Lisa Lesunja devoted herself to her passion.

As a goldsmith, artist and photographer, she still designs unique fashion accessories for the three shops in St. Moritz and Zurich, as well as for the Paris Fashion Week. Although she is the head of Lesunja, Lesunja was only able to grow so successfully in interaction with the highly motivated employees, who all support the company with their various skills.

This is exactly why we know that a good working atmosphere not only affects the employees, but the entire company. We would like to pass this positive cooperation on to other companies and support them along the way!


For more information about the team building events, please visit our website