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Now is the end of The Winter season St Moritz at 26.March 2022

Knock, knock, Open the door, and look at me I am summer. I am here to spreads my shine in this New Year 2022. So let’s ready with your summery gorgeous look with fascinating jewellery and standard attire. Also, it's time to say bye winter for the end of the year.

Exactly in this same way say bye to your Winter Jewelry collection and go get ready with new summery luxury jewellery and trendy dresses. Each year in the winter season we can wear lots of dresses in different designs, colors, and styles but at the same time, we cannot wear jewellery with an appropriate appearance or visibility, because our body should cover with warm clothes for the winter vibes.

On the other hand, summer is the perfect season when we can wear an outstanding jewellery collection and also create a unique look with every jewellery piece as per the dress code. Remember that jewellery always express your personality and your attractive stunning look.

How to choose Glamorous jewellery for the summer?


There is no doubt that glamorous jewellery is the full meaning of Fine jewellery. Fine jewellery is one of the latest and splendid fascinating jewellery which looks too much stunning by wearing each piece of it.

Where you can get fine jewellery at an affordable price?

If we talk about your satisfaction with each piece of jewellery design, color trendy style and prices then it’s perfect to shop from Lesunja Fine jewellery. We always ensure the intricate unique designs, high-quality gems, and the season tonic of fine jewellery not only that we comprised our designs. You can buy all Lesunja fine jewellery at a reasonable price.

Lesunja Fine jewellery is one of the most gorgeous and fascinating jewellery ever. Our Lesunja fine jewellery is exceptional just for you. Fine jewellery has expanded partly because of our eye-catching art designs and attractive Diamond, gems, material using process. We are few far from your one footstep so come to our shop and get an extremely lovely personal discount for your luxurious jewellery.

Does Lesunja St. Moritz jewellery have any Surprise for their customer?

Yes, Lesunja St. Moritz jewellery always considers their customer like family. That is the only reason Lisa Lesunja personally want to invite all of you to come on Saturday 26th March into the shop st Moritz to have a glass of Aperitif Champaign with some snacks and Enjoy that the Lesunja team could make an event. At that event, Gorgeous Lisa Lesunja the greatest designer of Fine jewellery will be there to speak by herself with each Person about all stunning and luxurious jewellery.

Not only that there is a grand Lovely Discounts will be made for you to end up the season with a beautiful piece of Lesunja stunning jewellery. Which will make you change your styles uniquely and you will start to look beautiful and shiny into summertime.

This is not the end of surprises, The Jewellery queen Glamorous Lisa Lesunja will arrange an exclusive jewellery event and See you all again in June/July.

On March 26th you will get on the event of all Jewellery Pieces with aquamarine Diamonds, Tourmaline Plating gold, jade coral Opal and many more collection of jewellery. Lisa arranged for her Lovely Easter or birthday presents from the Zodiac collection for the early Birds.