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Color classifies the color of a diamond. Diamonds come in all colors, with yellowish tones being the most common - these are judged together with the colorless diamonds in the grading process, as their yellowish color is not intense enough to be called absolutely yellow diamonds. Basically, when evaluating the color, the following applies: the more colorless, the more valuable the diamond! Because with an absolutely colorless diamond, white light effortlessly penetrates the stone and emerges again in rainbow colors.
Full-colored diamonds (green, red, blue, purple, brown, yellow, and black) are called fancy diamonds. They are subject to their own grading standards and can therefore be even more valuable and expensive than pure white diamonds, depending on the shade and intensity.

Fancy diamonds are created either through imperfections in the diamond or through uneven pressure during formation. Statistically, out of 100,000 diamonds, there is only one fancy diamond on average.


Internationally valid designations for the coloring of diamonds