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The LesunjaAcademy: Your online course for goldsmith art

Have you always
wanted to work with jewelry and gemstones yourself, but never had the
opportunity? Then the Lesunja Academy is just right for you. Learn the skills
of a goldsmith, from the basics to the certified final apprenticeship exam at

The online coursesummarized:

Two lessons per week. Learn how to work gold and gemstones live with Lisa Lesunja in the online course.

Enjoy the mix of theory and practice as you submit your own work to Lesunja Fine Jewellery for review.

Exchange ideas with Lisa and other motivated students in the closed online group, or benefit from individual lessons.

Complete 12
certificates and prepare for the final apprenticeship exam in the canton of Zurich at the Academy, which will certify you as a goldsmith. An exciting program


In 12 semesters, you can learn all the training content of the goldsmith's art that is necessary for the final exam.

The Academy
teaches you all the important aspects of goldsmithing, so you can learn to make your own jewelry and work with precious stones.

qualifications such as jewelry photography and drawing are also part of the training content.

You can order all tools and necessary materials via the homepage. At Lesunja you get exactly the equipment you need for the respective semester.

The effective mix of online courses and independent work allows you to work according to your personal schedule and complete the training in peace.

This is whatawaits you at the Lesunja Academy:

Perfect communication. You will remain in close contact with Lisa Lesunja throughout the entire training period and will receive all the advantages of a classic training course. There is also a private Facebook group where all common questions can be clarified.


Total flexibility.

Work at your own pace and how you like it. There is an evening course on Mondays and Tuesdays, otherwise you are completely free to organize our tasks and self-study.

Many tasks, incentive and successes.

In total, you complete 72 tasks that are personally checked by Lesunja. With them, you will receive the 1 certificates that will enable you to take part in the final apprenticeship examination to become a goldsmith.

A close and nice atmosphere.

Here you will meet people who are just as enchanted by the world of jewelry as you are. We all want to create wonderful pieces of jewelry that represent a lasting value in our lives and express our character. Be a part of Lesunja's community!